Rhys Bowen, Hush Now, Don’t You Cry

Hush Now, Don't You Cry  (Molly Murphy Mysteries, #11)Hush Now, Don’t You Cry by Rhys Bowen
Series: Molly Murphy, 11
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Eleventh in the Molly Murphy mystery series set in the early 20th century. This story is set in the spring of 1904 in Newport, Rhode Island.

My Take
Between Daniel’s job and Molly’s proclivities, I doubt the two of them will ever experience a vacation without drama.

Interesting to read about fingerprints still being a novelty and aspirin one of those newfangled medicines!

Bowen has set up a series of complex layers that all intertwine and play off each other and still be a surface read. A few surprises, but most of the events are expected. No, I don’t mean clichéd, simply nothing too out of the ordinary.

A fun read, but no real depth.

The Story
Molly and her captain are trying…again…to have a honeymoon. This one is courtesy of Alderman Hannan with an invitation to spend time at a guest cottage on the grounds of his Newport cottage. And it seems that Hannan has an ulterior motive for this invite.

But fate steps in and continues to prevent that honeymoon when Daniel gets deathly sick and there’s a murder. One that may be connected to Brian Hannan’s granddaughter’s death years earlier.

It’s ghosts and irate family members desperate to kick Molly and Daniel off the estate even as Molly snoops and sneaks her way about uncovering secrets that should never have been hidden.

The Characters
Molly Murphy is recently wed to her love, but they are a couple still in a state of negotiation whether they acknowledge it or not. Detecting is in Molly’s blood and I can’t imagine that Daniel will be able to scrub it out! Captain Daniel Sullivan is with the New York Police Department and one of those rare cops (in that time period) who is clean. He’s a typical cop. Has to have visible proof before he will believe. Augusta “Gus” Walcott is one of the Boston Walcotts. She and her partner, Elena “Sid” Goldfarb, are Molly’s neighbors and friends back in New York and they show up in Newport to support Molly through Daniel’s illness. Dr. Birnbaum is Molly’s friend and an alienist whom Molly asks to examine young Kathleen.

Alderman Brian Hannan is with Tammany Hall while his construction company is building the New York subway system. Mrs. McCreedy is his housekeeper in Newport with an even more important task. Patrick, Joseph, and Mary are his siblings. Patrick is a priest. Irene is Brian’s daughter and married to Archie Van Horn with two sons, the very mischievous Thomas and Alexander. Her daughter, Colleen, died years ago in a fall.

Joseph Hannan is Brian’s partner in the construction business with a penchant for the ladies. His son Terrence works in the office, but spends more time doing drugs, embezzling, running up gambling debts, and generally, playing the rich boy. Eliza is his sister.

Mary née Hannan Flannery is present with her grandson Samuel McCloskey, a young enough lad in trouble with gangs whom Brian took in to get away from their influence.

Chief Prescott is with the Newport Police. More of a “who you know” appointment than one who actually knows what he’s doing. And determined not to accept the help of a possible suspect! Ned Turnbull is a local artist who had painted Colleen a short while before she died. Miss Catherine Swan Gallinger is the nosy across-the-street neighbor. Too bad the cops never thought to chat with her!

The Cover
The cover is photographic with the newly wed Molly Murphy Sullivan standing on the sea wall in Newport, one of the “cottages” in the background.

It’s a sad tale of appearances and madness that certainly inspires Gus to cradle and comfort with a Hush Now, Don’t You Cry.

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